The phrase attic will probably appear to you when you are in need of housing construction. But you still don’t know how to stay safe, let’s build to refer to this article.

What is a transparent stand?

What is a transparent stand

A mezzanine floor, also known as a mezzanine, is an intermediate floor between floors but is not counted as a floor and is usually located on the bottom floor of a house with a simple compact staircase to go up.

The purpose of the construction of the attic is to help increase the usable area according to the height of the house. The design according to this structure will be suitable for premises such as houses with narrow areas and houses with limited regulations on height.

Recently, the design of a house with a transparent attic is also one of the trends of modern houses that many families often refer to. With even large areas, it is also possible to build a work with a transparent attic and the work will be extremely unique.

The application of the transparent attic into the building

In the construction, the transparent attic has many practical functions such as:

The transparent attic is used to make a worship room and a compartment to make a bedroom
Transparent corner used to make an office
The transparent attic is used as a living room
Use the transparent attic to make a corner of the warehouse…
Houses with a transparent attic often have certain advantages because the space of this architecture is quite open, so the feeling of the house is always cool.

Convenient in observing both upstairs and downstairs. Such a house with few members will be very suitable because it will be easier to meet each other to create a close bond in the family.

In addition, if you use the downstairs for business and stay upstairs, it is also extremely convenient because standing upstairs can control the space below.

Regulations in the design of houses with a transparent attic

The form of house design with a transparent attic is also very rich and diverse, for small houses and located in small alleys lacking a parking area or the ground floor wants to be used for other purposes, putting the living room, kitchen Up to occupy part of the attic is also a good solution.

The design of a house with a mezzanine also depends on the area. But specifically, the lofted houses are usually regulated by design that the height from the ground floor to the first floor is not lower than 5m and not higher than 5.8m.

The construction area of the attic must not exceed 80% of the ground floor construction area.

Lofts are often divided into types that are:

– Rear sash;

– Overhanging in front;

– Hanging all the way to the side;

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