Townhouses with basements help solve many problems for homeowners. Therefore, many people who have the means always want to build a house with an additional basement. So let’s refer to the process of building a townhouse with a standard basement in this article.

To build a townhouse with a basement, there are many methods and processes to carry out the construction. However, there will be basic steps that must be taken from which we can know to monitor the project more effectively.

The process of building a townhouse with a standard basement

Construction process of townhouse with basement

Survey the construction area

To build a basement, the most important thing is to evaluate the quality of the land. After evaluating soil factors such as hardness, moisture, and stability, we will know the most effective method for that area.

Reinforce the foundation

After having appropriate construction measures as well as landslide prevention methods. The next step is to reinforce the foundation, with weak soils requiring pile pressing to increase stability. For areas with solid hard ground, the foundation can be constructed in two directions to help the foundation be durable and highly effective in the long run.

Dig a hole and cut the top of the pile

After completing the pile pressing according to the drawing, the next step will be digging the tunnel. Along with digging the tunnel is cutting the pile head. Not all piles can be pressed to the maximum, so there will be excess and we must guide the pile head evenly with the foundation.

Construction of floor foundation

This can be the most difficult and time-consuming step in basement construction. First we need to pour foundation concrete, foundation lining concrete, then go to the construction of formwork and foundation steel. A common difficulty encountered is the underground water level. We need to identify underground veins and control them so that construction is safe and dry.

Construction of tunnel walls

Basement walls are not as simple as house walls, they must withstand extremely high pressure, so they need to be reinforced with steel and concrete. Tunnel wall construction also needs to ensure extremely careful waterproofing and cracking to avoid future problems that will be difficult to handle.

Cover the casserole

After completing all the above parts, we proceed to pour concrete on the tunnel cover and continue to build the upper parts of the townhouse.

Risks during basement construction

Affects neighboring structures: Because during construction, tunneling is required, leading to changes in the geology of the nearby area. It is necessary to clearly understand the situation of neighboring houses to come up with appropriate construction measures.

Tunnel quality is reduced due to groundwater: Failure to thoroughly treat groundwater causes concrete and steel to be damaged during construction.

Water-soaked walls: This is what was mentioned above. If not treated thoroughly, water seepage occurs and is very difficult to handle after completion.

Cracked basement floor

With this article, we hope you have clearly understood the standard process of constructing townhouse tunnels. If you are in need of building a townhouse with a basement, please contact Minh Thinh Phat company for advice.