Customs-Clearance, On-Site-Handling- & Transport-Services:

Please get in contact with our partners and officially nominated on-site-Exhibition Freight Forwarders for all questions regarding transport to/from venue, on-site-handling services and customs clearance procedure:

PANALPINA Welttransport (Deutschland) GmbH
Nagelsweg 37
20097  Hamburg, Germany
Contact: Mr. Tim Kistenmacher                                                    
Phone: +49 (0)40 237 71-1281
Email: tim.kistenmacher@panalpina.com
Web: www.pfs.de

BTG Expo GmbH
Peutestr. 16
20539 Hamburg, Germany
Contact: Mr. Volker Baumann
Phone: +49 (0)40 231 667-271
Email: volker.baumann@btg.de
Web: www.btg.de

Of course you may also entrust any other freight forwarder with the forwarding of your material to Moscow, but the handling on-site at the fair ground is with these two forwarders only.
Please note: All cargo (local and international) have to get advised 2 weeks before delivery to booth enabling to issue required entrance passes for each consignment/vehicle.